eCall Tutorial

Project navigation (vertical)

The project navigation includes all menu items and form pages required for submitting your funding application. Please note that certain navigation items will be displayed or hidden, depending on your previous entries. Your entries in the project data will determine which items will subsequently be displayed.
Projektnavigation mit zwei Navgationspunkte, die Unterpunkte enthalten

The content of the project navigation depends on the progress of the project. Additional items will be added to the menu in later project phases (accounting phase).

A navigation item highlighted in grey indicates that there are sub-items.

A click on the name will open the first sub-item.

The triangle symbol allows you to view the sub-items without uploading a form. This option makes it easier to navigate when the menu is displayed only temporarily

Blocks with a red “!” symbol indicate that data are missing in mandatory fields or entries are incorrect.

Green blocks indicate that you have entered all data required and that no errors have been detected.

Blocks that are not marked in colour require no data input (in this phase of the project).

If the left menu bar shows no red “!” symbol you can submit the application via the left menu item Finalisation.

Please note that you must submit the application via the menu item Finalisation by the application deadline specified in the call.

Erste Zeile der Projektnavigation in den verschiedenen Zuständen

You can also hide the project navigation bar to be able to use the full screen width for the input forms.

In this case only a symbol will be displayed. If you click on the symbol the navigation bar will be displayed temporarily so that you can open a new form page. In this case the sub-items can be opened efficiently using the triangle symbol.