eCall Tutorial


This image shows the buttons for navigating to the previous page, saving and navigating to

Once all mandatory data (fields marked with * have been entered and confirmed by clicking one of the above buttons, the information will be checked and saved. By clicking on the button at the bottom of the page (Save & Continue) you will get to the next menu item or data block.

Click on Cancel to leave the form and open the first form in the navigator.

Button with the title: Check submissions
By clicking on the Check button you can actively request the system to check your entries. If all mandatory data have been entered correctly the corresponding data block in the left menu column will be marked in green. If the system detects an incorrect entry it will show you further details.
Button with the title: Cancel
If you click on Cancel the data will not be saved and you are returned to the overview screen. All fields will be reset to the status of the last save
i icon to open help texts and explanations

Help texts and form information

By clicking on the “i” symbol you will receive detailed help texts and explanations. Click on the  “i” symbol again to close the help.