eCall Tutorial

Conclude a contract

The contract preparation is divided into two phases:

Control of the key data and fulfilment of the requirements before the contract

The key data of the contract are displayed in the "Checking the key data" section. Please check if these data (spelling of the organization, ID number, address) are correct.

At this stage, you can adjust the bank details or adjust the start date of the project.

Pre-contract requirements has to be fulfil by all relevant partners of the consortium at this stage.

As an individual applicant or consortium leader, you can now also carry out the fulfilment of the conditions before the start rate ahead of time.

Signing the signature sheets

In the second phase, you will receive a contract electronically signed by the FFG. In addition, you will see links to important documents referenced in the contract (Guide for call for proposals, Instrument Guide, Cost Guide).
There is one signature sheet per member of the consortium. Please sign this sheet. In case of conventional (analogue) signature, please scan the sheet and upload it in the eCall.

The signature can also be done with a qualified electronic signature. If you have a cell phone signature, you can sign the document directly in eCall. You can also have a second person sign digitally in the process.

You can grant authorized signers temporary access to use the cell phone signature in eCall.