eCall Tutorial

Send partner invitation

Gruppierung: Aktionen mit Partnerantrag

Click the invitation email button to insert the invitation text in a new email in your standard email program.

Alternatively you may also copy the generated text to the clipboard using the Copy invitation text to clipboard button and transfer it to the email program of your choice (including Webmail).

Note: The consortium leader must actively send the email to the partner. 

Screenshot einer vom eCall generierten Einladung

Once you have sent the email you may optionally enable the I have sent the invitation email to the partner checkbox. You will see the mailing data in the informed column of the partner list.

By clicking the link in the email your partner will be prompted to enter his user name and password and may then open his partner application in eCall. The status of the partner application will then be updated in the partner list (Full application in progress)

The partner can be deleted as long as the partner application has not yet been sent (waste bin symbol in the partner list). Once the partner application has been sent, the partner may only be removed from the consortium using the disinvite function.

Accept an invitation

When your partner uses the link in the email the partner request will open after entering user name and password (if it does not already exist, the partner may register directly).

The status of the partner application in the Consortium overview will update automatically.