eCall Tutorial

Revoke partner invitation before finalisation

Before you, in the role of the consortium leader, have finalised your main application, you have the possibility to uninvite project partners.

Here, a distinction is made in two cases:
1. The partner application has not yet been submitted
2. The partner application has already been submitted

1. Uninvite partner before submitting the partner application

The Partners form displays a garbage bin icon in the partner's line until the partner application is submitted. This will allow the partner to be easily removed from the project by clicking on the garbage bin. No automatically generated notification e-mail will be sent.
The partner is deleted and does not appear later in the project anywhere.
Partner form: remove a partner using the trash can icon

2. Uninvite partners after submission of the partner application

After submitting the partner application, you can no longer delete the partner using the garbage can icon - now the partner invitation must be revoked.
To do this, open the Partners form in the Consortium tab, click on the corresponding partner and activate the checkbox Revoke partner invitation. Enter a reason in the mandatory field below and save the form.
The uninvited partner will be informed of the revokation with an automatically generated email.
Partner form: unload a partner application that has already been submitted