eCall Tutorial

Add new partner

This section prompts you to enter the project partners for your consortium project.

Please note: Affiliated companies (parent companies and subsidiaries) are considered as one consortium partner.

Click on the Create new partner button to open a new window where you can enter the data of the new partner (Project partner - Details).

Im Formular Partner können Projektpartner angelegt und verwaltet werden.

The Name of company / organisation serves to differentiate between the partners in the partner list. In the background, the system will create a short name for the partner by replacing certain key words with abbreviations (e.g. Uni instead of University, TU instead of Technical University).

The partner classification (role, location, SME status) provides the basis for validating the composition of the consortium. The permissible funding rates of many instruments depend on these parameters. It is in your own interest to provide correct information in this section.

Please enter the email address of the relevant contact person in the email field. This address will be used to inform your partner about your invitation to participate in the project (the partner will receive a link with an identification code).

You can now proceed with the partner invitation by clicking on the Create partner and keep details open.

Durch betätigen der Schaltfläche "Partner anlegen und bearbeiten" werden weitere Optionen sichtbar.
Note: Partner invitations can only be sent if an organisation name has been defined and the short title of the project has been entered in the master data. The fields in the section Description of the partner must also be completed.