eCall Tutorial

Accept an invitation and create your partner application

You have received an email from your consortium leader, which contains a link acting as a code for your partner application.

This code allows you to create exactly one partner application for a specific main project. The code is only valid for one specific partner. Please observe the information contained in the email.

When clicking the link you will be prompted to enter your username and password. You can use your existing access data or click on Register.

If you are using already existing access data, a form is displayed comparing the name of your organization saved in the master data with the name which the consortium leader has typed in.
Beitritt zum Konsortium: Vergleich Organisationsnamen

Please ensure that the organisation name at the top corresponds to your organisation.

If there are serious deviations, the consortium leader may have sent you the wrong link. In this case please contact the consortium leader.

If the two organisation names are the same, please confirm by clicking on Yes.

This will open the partner application. The identification data for your partner application will be displayed in the header.

Beispiel Kopfzeile Partnerantrag
Please complete all relevant fields in the "Project data" section until all entries in the project navigation bar are marked green.

If the consortium leader has delegated data entry to you, you are obliged to enter all cost information relating to your contribution to the project. Please proceed according to the instructions specified in the cost input section.

Note: If data entry has not been delegated to you, you may at any time contact your consortium leader asking him or her to do so.

The consortium leader may at any time delegate data entry or revoke such delegation as long as the partner application is in progress. This enables a very flexible application procedure.

In the Cost and Funding form, each partner can only see their own costs. The consortium leader has insight into the costs of all partners. Sensitive data (hourly rates, attachments if necessary) can only be viewed by the consortium leader if the consortium leader is responsible for entering the costs.

All details on cost entry can be found in the Cost Input section.

Finally, please click on Finalize to save your data. Your entries will be marked as Partner application submitted in the cost overview.