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Staff Pool

The Staff pool serves to centrally store data about project staff and planning cost items that can subsequently be selected for different projects in different funding applications.

Note: If you create a new staff member in a project application as part of personnel cost accounting, this staff member will be automatically transferred to the staff pool and can then be selected in subsequent project applications.

MitarbeiterInnen-Pool: Übersicht

In the Staff Pool section new staff members can be created in different ways:

  • manually via the Add new entry button
  • by importing a file. An import file may contain several staff members. Please note that all staff members within the file must be of the same type (person or planning cost rate). You can download an Excel template for file import. Please note the comments on the individual fields in the header of the template. Once you have created and selected the import file using the Browse option, click on the Check button to upload the file and run a format check. If the check is positive you can complete the import into the staff pool by clicking on Import.
Auswahl des Grundtyps des EintragsThe data to be entered differ depending on the data type:
  • If you select "Person" you must enter the name and gender of the person. You also have the opportunity to designate them as “Contact in projects”. When creating a project at a later stage, you will be offered a list of persons designated as contacts. Persons designated as “Contact in projects” can be directly contacted by the FFG in the event of queries. Project managers and coordinators are typically designated as potential contacts for individual projects.
  • If you select "Planning cost rate" you must enter an appropriate name for the organisational unit (e.g. “laboratory” or similar) and a function according to the Frascati Manual (e.g. researcher, technician, other supporting staff).

The following applies to all types: the optional input field Shortcut/uniqu ID for import serves to uniquely identify staff members for the import of reporting data. The entries should correspond to the IDs used in your accounting system to avoid problems during data import.

If a specific staff member should no longer be available for selection for new projects (e.g. he/she has left the company), please check the checkbox Cannot be used for new Projects.

All staff members created are listed in a table. If you have selected the filter Only active entries, the system will only display the staff members for whom the checkbox Cannot be used for new projects has not been checked (see above).

A green or red symbol at the end of the row indicates whether the staff member has been created correctly. A click on the red symbol will show the error message and you can make the necessary changes. A waste bin symbol displayed for a specific person indicates that this staff member has not yet been assigned to any project and can be removed with a single click.

Changes made in the Staff Pool are not automatically transferred to ongoing projects.