eCall Tutorial

Company / Organisation

To be able to submit applications in eCall, you must first complete your master data.

The following instructions will guide you step by step through the Company / Organization form.

  1. Select the type of your organization. More options will be visible.
  2. Indicate whether your organization has a headquarters or branch office in Austria.
  3. Does your organization have an identification number from an Austrian public register? (Commercial register, register of associations, supplementary register, VAT number)
    • Yes: Select the type of ID, enter the ID - number of your organization and then click the Lookupfor ID in Registers button.
      If the search result is positive, the name and legal form of the organization you are looking for will be displayed.
      Now you can either accept the displayed data by clicking on the button Yes, this is my organisation or revise your data by clicking on the button Not correct, I continue to search.
    • No: Please click on no ID. For companies without an ID - number, the personal data and the date of birth of the entrepreneur are requested. Furthermore, you must indicate whether you are a non-registered company or a company in the process of being founded.
  4. Complete the rest of the form, such as year of formation, input tax deduction and SME status.
Specification of master data for an Austrian company with CR number.