eCall Tutorial

Work package planning

In the work package planning, results, milestones and tasks of the respective work package are described.


A deliverable consists of a title, a short description of the content (optional) and, if desired, a predecessor.
The input field Number refers to the number of the result and is automatically filled with the next higher free number when it is created.
Date specifications are not required for deliverables

Note: Unlike milestones and tasks, deliverables are not shown in the GANTT chart.


A milestone consists of the mandatory fields title, end date and a short description (optinal).
The number is mandatory, as for the results, but is entered automatically by the system..

The checkbox End date is fixed is optional (When changes are made to the project start, date values are automatically adjusted, except for values protected with this option).

Note: Work packages need not contain milestones.


A task essentially consists of a title, a short description (optional), an end date and a number.

The number is created automatically by the system and is used for the order in the overview. And the checkbox End date is fixed are optional.

Note: Each Work package must contain at least one task.