eCall Tutorial

Tasks and competences of the applicant

Each applicant is required to describe the maintasks and competences of their company in the project.

The input fields have a built-in limit on the maximum number of characters that can be entered. This value is communicated by form information and is also displayed directly in the editor.
Input fields with limit
The form consists of the mandatory fields Main task in project (for consortium projects) and Key competences. If the applicant is a foreign organisation, the mandatory field Role of foreign partner will also be displayed.
The field Results from other projects is optionally fillable.
How to release editing of the description for the partner
The descriptions of the tasks and competences of the partners can initially only be processed by the consortium leader.
However, processing of the description can be released for the corresponding partner.
To do so, click on the link Description of the respective partner in the Consortium tab and activate the checkbox The partner may edit these descriptive texts himself.
Bearbeitung der Beschreibung an Partner freigegeben