eCall Tutorial

Import of Word files

You have the possibility to import MS-Word files with the content description. However, the system can only transfer a reduced set of the functions of Word to the online representation. Please note the warnings during import. Please check the result by opening and saving all text sections.

You can repeat the import as often as you wish.

You can import an intermediate state, discuss and edit it in the consortium, and then export it again to a Word file.

Download a template

The safest way to import successfully is to use the template provided. To do this, click on the button Download Template File for Word.

The eCall exports the current stock of data (texts, images, references). The headings, explanatory texts and limits of the permissible text lengths are also included. This additional data cannot be edited. The editable part is limited by square brackets and highlighted in colour.

Working with pictures

You can insert images as pictures. After the image, insert a paragraph of the format template Label after the image. Please write the category of the attachment (e.g. Illustration) at the beginning. Based on the category description, the image will be assigned and numbered accordingly during import.

If no category can be found, Illustration will be used instead.

Working with literature sources

You can define and reference sources using the source management in Word. Unfortunately we could not test the interaction with plug-ins from other manufacturers. A list of sources is listed at the end.

Import filled template

Please proceed according to the following steps:

  • Click the Import filled template button.
  • Select the file with the content description.
  • Click on the button Check

The check report has several sections:

  • In the case of parts that cannot be imported, there is a section with warnings.
  • If the import file contains source information, a list of new sources is displayed.
  • For each text section you see the current contents on the left and the contents in the import file on the right.
    Below the text field with the import text you see a table with comparison values. In it is a comparison of the number of images and characters in the previous text and in the text of the import file.
  • At the bottom is the button to import or cancel.

Imported sources

If sources are created in the course of an import process, they cannot be edited directly in eCall. This restriction is necessary in order to be able to edit the source data in Word in a structured way again during a later export.

Images after import

Those images in the old stock that are directly anchored in the text are removed during import and replaced by new files if necessary.

Only relevant if you have already added images in eCall:

Images in the old stock without reference to a text passage are retained.