eCall Tutorial

View approved costs

After a report examination or an on-site audit, it is possible that your costs settled in reports have been reduced by the FFG.

You can view the details and the reasons of the FFG for these reductions in the respective report in the form Costs by clicking on the button Compare with initial report.

The Compare with initial report button provides a detailed breakdown of the reduced costs

When you click the Compare with initial report button, an overlay opens with the details and justifications of the reductions made.

As consortium leader, you will see the following overviews:

  • Costs within the consortium
  • Cost breakdown by partner role
  • Overview of costs in relation to cost types

Further down the view, you can see the details and justifications for the costs you settled per cost type.

As partner, you will see the details and justifications for your own billing. The overviews are reserved for the consortium leadership.

Tip: By clicking on the print link (marked in the image) you can generate a PDF of the settlement comparison.

Comparison with initial report from the point of view of a partner