eCall Tutorial

Accounting personnel costs

The data for the invoicing of person hours are broken down into three spreadsheets:

There must be a consistent, unique connection between these three tables using the values of the First Name, Last Name and/or ID.

If a connection to an entry in the staff pool can be established with first name/last name or ID, missing data in the tables are supplemented by the values from the staff pool.

Note: Make sure that you do not accidentally copy blanks into the spreadsheets. This could lead to inconsistencies.

When using the rights concept in the account group


  • You are using an account group
  • You import only for your own organization
  • The current hourly rates are stored in the staff pool

In the Personnel Costs table, you must create the link to the staff pool by entering the following data combinations:

  • {first name, last name}
  • {first name, last name, ID}
  • {Last name, ID} (if the ID is already contained in the pool!)

The project function must also be filled in this table.

The logical link to the Personnel Costs table must be created in the Working Hours table. The following data combinations are possible:

  • {first name, last name}
  • {first name, last name, ID}
  • {ID} (if the ID is used in the Personnel Costs table)

The maintenance/entry of the billing hour rates can therefore be separated from the execution of the import in terms of personnel.

If the user has no rights to access billing hourly rates, no import file with hourly rates may be imported for the user's own organization. The actual hourly rates can only be entered and imported by explicitly authorized persons.