eCall Tutorial

Import accounting data

The import of accountig data is designed for importing data from an ERP system or similar. The import is optional. If you only need to settle some few positions, the direct entry of data on the forms will be more efficient for you.

The import of accounting data is performed in three steps:

This operation is to repeat for each member in your Consortium.

Repeat import operations

If several import operations are made per partner:

  • The personnel costs are overwritten
  • Per person all working hours for all work packages must be included
  • Other cost types: the entries in the import file are added to the existing entries
  • If there are more than 5 entries, there is the option to delete existing positions during the import process. This deletes the entries of those cost types where there are line entries in your import file. Thereby the import file overwrites the existing data.

Distribution in the consortium

If you have any project partners: The import operation has to be performed per consortium member. If the ability to make  cost entries is delegated to a partner, this partner can upload his accounting data via import or interactively in the corresponding form fields.