eCall Tutorial

Define project-specific hourly rates

When entering changes in the hourly rate, the range of the change is queried at the end. It's possible to execute the change only in the current project by choosing the option Only this Project.
As a consequence further changes in the staff pool for this employee are not inherited to the hourly rates in this project.
Option „Nur dieses Projekt“.
Option „Global (Pool und alle bearbeitbaren Projekte)“.

The option Global (staff pool and all editable projects) changes the hourly rate in the staff pool and other editable reports.

You can display the exact effects by clicking on the on the particular project row.
Option „Global“ wird eine Auswahlmöglichkeit für Auswirkungen in anderen Berichten sichtbar.
Beispiel für deaktivierte/ ausgegraute Schaltfläche.
Note: As long as the changes have been adopted nor rejected, the other buttons are disabled. The surfaces of the buttons are displayed in white.