eCall Tutorial

Define hourly rates in the staff pool

Der MitarbeiterInnen-Pool ist im Reiter Organisation zu finden.

The actual hourly rates can be entered in the staff pool as well.

Note: In an account group this is only possible with appropriate privileges.
Abschnitt "Ist-Stundensätze für Berichte" mit Schaltfläche "Berichts-Stundensätze festlegen"
Select an employee from the list. The Employee-Details form opens. The section for defining actual hourly rates for reports is located at the bottom of the form.

After clicking on the button, you will see any periods already available for the individual hourly rates.

With the functions insert new period, split period and merge with previous period you are able to model the timeline for the hourly rates of your employees.

Here, the difference between the input of the hourly rates in a project lies in the form fields for each Cost guideline version. Depending on the version of the cost guideline, there may be differences between the hourly rates.

The input option for the various cost guidelines is created dynamically. The current cost guideline is always offered for input. Earlier versions are offered only if the employee is involved in a project or application using an older cost guideline.

Ein Datensatz mit Stundensätzen für zwei verschieden Kostenleitfäden.
If you change hourly rates in the pool, you have to set the effects on existing editable reports after using the Save button. Normally the change affects all reports/projects. You can list the details of the change by clicking on the project reference.
Beispiel für Auswirkungen in anderen Berichten bei Änderung des Stundensatzes.
In case of need it's possible to exclude single reports/projects from the change by marking the checkbox Decouple the hourly rate in this report from the pool.
Option um Stundensatz in spezifischem Bericht vom Pool zu entkoppeln.