eCall Tutorial

Define different hourly rates on the timeline

Due to changes of the salary of the employees, it is possibly going to happen, that you need to adjust some hourly rates. The validity of the hourly rate does not have to be in time sync with the reporting periods. Therefore you can define different hourly rates on the timeline.

Note: The definition of hourly rates and their validity range must be set before entering work hours.

You can devide a time period in two partial periods by choosing the button split period. Enter the beginning of the new period in the pop-up field iappearing. Confirm with OK.

Note: The beginning of the new period must be between the date values from and to.

Mit Hilfe der Schaltfläche „Periode teilen...“ können neue Stundensätze angelegt werden.
Beispiel für die Anlage einer neuen Stundensatz-Periode.

The example shows the definition of another hourly rate from the 01.07.2018.

Note: Possibly already available hours in your report are allocated to the time before the new hourly rate.

With Insert new period, a new time period can be subsequently added. The former period will be provided with an appropriate end date (beginning of the new period minus 1 day).

Dialog bei Betätigen der Schaltfläche „Mit Vorperiode zusammenfassen“.
Merge with previous period shifts the to-date of the previous period to the to-date of the current period.
In the dialog box, you can select the hourly rate to be used for the unified period.

Note: Only those hourly rates that lie entirely or partially within the reporting period are shown as editable.