eCall Tutorial

Effects of the Authorization Scheme

Note: This section is only valid if several eCall accounts are operated in an account group and not all users in the group have access to the sensitive billing data.

If an eCall user in the differentiated permission model does not have access to confidential billing data, hourly rates and subtotals are hidden. The total is not displayed until the report is complete.

When you open the Set hourly rates section, you receive a corresponding message.

Note: You are not authorized to edit or view hourly rates.
Neither line totals nor the complete total are shown in the table of personnel costs.
Ohne den richtigen Berechtigungen sind Stundensätze nicht einsehbar.
On the overview page, the personnel costs and the total costs for your own organization are hidden.
This display continues accordingly on the pages of the consortium overview.
Reiter „Kostenkategorie“ in der Konsortialübersicht des Berichts