eCall Tutorial

Add a person to the report

On one hand, you can assume staff from the application or replace placeholder positions of the application with real persons.

Assume personnel costs from the application

The chapter Assume cost items from the application handels the transfer of personnel costs from the application to your current report in detail.

Add a new person to the report

If a person is not included in the application by name, you can nevertheless add the person to the report (example: N.N. from proposal stage will be replaced by a real person). Therefor please select the button create new entry.

The procedure corresponds to the input from personnel costs at the application stage.

Mit der Schaltfläche "Neuen Eintrag erstellen" können im Bericht neue Positionen angelegt werden.

It's also possible to create an entry using the staff pool. Otherwise, employees not already existing in the pool can be created right at this point.
Bei der Auswahl aus dem MitarbeiterInnen-Pool kann die Filterfunktion hilfreich sein.

Note: When selecting from the pool, we recommend using the filter function to reduce the scope of the selection list.

When selecting from the pool, click the button of the desired person and, where appropriate, supplement the data.

The input form for employees is divided into three parts:

  • The basic data of the person (name)
  • Hourly rates (hourly rates)
  • Assign work hours. (hours of work)

If personal expenses already stored, use the link to directly open the respective section.

Eckdaten, Stundensätze und Arbeitsstunden können aus den Personalkosten gezielt angesteuert werden.