eCall Tutorial

Work packages

Many calls require applicants to provide a cost breakdown according to work packages. If this is the case, please enter your planned work packages.

Work Package 1 is in many (but not all) calls predefined as Project Management. It`s possible to define a maximum up to 10 work packages.

Work packages are defined by their name and number. The WP number is suggested by the system.

Form for entering the key data of a work package
You can change the sequence of the work packages by changing the WP number or by using the arrow symbols in the list view.
Shifting of work packages via positioning arrows

The planned hours and personnel costs are derived from the subsequently assigned personnel cost items.

Work packages can be deleted by clicking on the waste bin icon as long as no personnel costs have been assigned to them.

The Consortium Leader has to communicate any changes according to work packages to all consortium members, who are responsible for entering their costs on their own.