eCall Tutorial


General procedure for consortium changes

Consortium changes made in the status of ongoing project follow a specific process. This page describes the general procedure step by step.

  1. Initiate a change in your consortium (tab Consortium, form Start change in the consortium). A new form set appears in the Consortium tab.
  2. Fill in form basic information
  3. Make modifications to the Partners form (Invite or Unload Partners, Change Consortium Leader)
  4. New partners must accept their invitation, create and submit their partner application
  5. If necessary, the costs must be redistributed using the Switching Costs form
  6. The application can be submitted (Finalization form).
  7. The application will then be examined by the FFG:
    • In case of consent, your changes will take effect
    • In case of rejection, your changes will be discarded
    • In the case of revision, the forms for the consortium change are open for processing again
After a Partner left the Consortium
  • If a partner has resigned, the FFG decides whether an early report (truncated report) should be prepared exclusively for the resigning partner, or whether the accounting should be done with the next regular report.
  • In the next regular report, the distribution of costs can also be adjusted, considering the costs recognized for the leaving partners.