eCall Tutorial

Forwarding to the digital signature

In many organisations, the persons authorised to sign do not have an account in the eCall. However, there is a way to temporarily integrate these persons into the process for providing a digital signature.

It is possible to generate a link that temporarily allows a person to sign digitally.

This link is valid for a maximum of 72 hours after it has been generated and only gives access to the form for the signature service.

This special form also allows a digital second signature.

To do so, please scroll down in the signature detail form. There you will find the corresponding button.

Click on the button to send a link to a person without an eCall account to sign
Clicking on the button produces a mail with a link. In the absence of further information, you must complete all other points in the mail accordingly and send the mail to the person authorised to sign. Please do not change the link under any circumstances!
Mail with link for forwarding the signature

Note: Access with this link is possible for a maximum of 72 hours after the link has been created!

The following illustration shows the form that is displayed after clicking on the link within the validity period of the link.

Form for signing without an eCall account
The process of creating the mobile signature is the same as using an eCall account. At the end, the person clicks Submit and the process is completed.