eCall Tutorial

Signing with the cell phone signature

The mobile phone signature is available to persons who are registered in the Austrian population register or in the supplementary register. This option is primarily applicable to Austrian companies and organisations in real terms.

The prerequisite is that the persons signing have a mobile phone signature.

At this point, explicit reference is made to the section Forwarding to the digital signatureon how persons without their own eCall account can sign with the mobile phone signature. The individual terms relating to the mobile phone signature can be found at

The signature process is handled via a signature box within the FFG IT infrastructure. The document itself does not leave the sphere of FFG. To start the signature process, please click on the button Sign with the cell phone signature.

Signature form without signed document
Enter your cell phone number and your signature password and then click on Identify.
Entering the telephone number and the signature password when using the cell phone signature
The next step depends on whether you use the app for mobile phone signature. Below you can see the variant with TAN.
Entering the TAN
After the signature process is completed, a link to the signed signature sheet is displayed.
View of the signed document