eCall Tutorial

Signatures form

In the initial state, each consortium member has a button to sign the signature form.
Overview of partners without signatures

In the column Signature, the decision of the respective partner or the degree of completion of the signatures can be seen. In the following illustration, the first consortium member has reached the state that a signature has been made, but the signature sheet should also be signed by a second person.

For the second consortium member, the signature has been completed.

For the third consortium member, the partner has rejected the contract.

Partner list with signed and rejected contracts

Click on the button Signatures to see the detailed view. In it there are the following sections:

  1. Link to the contract document
  2. Links to FFG documents that are referenced in the contract
  3. Link to the signature sheet
  4. The decision to accept the contract
  5. The form segment for providing the signed signature sheet
Signature detail form

If the partner has already sent and wants to change the signature again: