eCall Tutorial

Check costs and funding

In this section, you as consortium leadership can see an overview of the approved costs and funding per consortium member. Details are available via the Cost Details button.

As an individual applicant or as a consortium leader, you must also check and, if necessary, adjust the bank details that will be used later to transfer the funding.

Costs overview from the viewpoint of consortium leader
At this stage the other consortium members only see the values and details for their own organisation.
Cost representation for a partner
In certain funding formats, the funding can be composed of different components (non-repayable contribution, loan, loan cost subsidy). You can also reject certain components (e.g. loan) individually. In this case, there are checkboxes for acceptance or rejection.
Cost view with multiple components
If you accept the loan, please enter bank details for direct debit to repay the loan and interest.
Bank details for direct debit