eCall Tutorial

View Audit Details

You have the following options to view the details of an audit:

  • Via eCall message: You will receive an eCall message with the information that there is an Audit Date for a project. The Details link in the message leads directly to the listing of the audit scope.
  • Using the Audit Dates tab: On the Audit Dates tab in the main navigation, click the Details button for the relevant project.
  • From within the project: If you have opened the respective project, you will find near the costs of the report to be audited a button to switch to the audit date.

Note: In the Account group, the visibility of the personnel cost positions is restricted. Only users with the authorization to edit hourly rates get the persons listed.

Audit details can be viewed under Audit Dates/Details

Navigation in the audit

In the audit you find a subdivision according to the reports to be audited.

Click on the respective report in the page navigation. You will see the cost categories listed that require preparation of documents. In the respective cost category you can see the relevant cost items.

The Audit is structured according to the reports to be audited