eCall Tutorial

Supply documents

  • For Onsite Audits, no documents need to be appended in eCall. You can optionally add documents or map notes for finding them (e.g. link to a document in your document management system).
  • Documentation must be provided for Remote Audits. If documents are not provided, cost items cannot be recognized.

To provide documentation, click on the relevant cost item in a cost category and add the information in the form of file attachments and/or text input.

Note: In the tab Details of the Cost Item you can see the accounting data associated with the respective cost item. If the title or the other information in the overview should not be sufficiently descriptive, you can make a precise distinction there.

Tip: Under Completion you can use the PDF Export button to generate a PDF document with the key data of the documents to be delivered.

Upon clicking on a cost item, a window opens for entering information