eCall Tutorial

Additional Demands

In case of ambiguities or the need for further documents, Additional Demands to the Audit can be requested by the FFG.

Attention: Additional demands are mandatory to be filled both in case of an Onsite Audit and a Remote Audit.

For this case, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Details of the Audit and the respective report. You will see an overview in which cost categories Additional Demands need to be delivered.
  • Click on the cost category and within it on the individual cost items.
    Enter the requested information in the active fields for the respective cost item.
  • Submit the Additional Demands under Completion using the Complete delivery of additional demands button.

Processing period: If the Additional Demands has not yet been completed, you will receive an automatic reminder via eCall message three days before the due date. The Additional Demands can be processed until the end of the due date.