eCall Tutorial

Add employees of integrated accounts to your central staff pool

Note: In order to be able to integrate staff-pools, you need the authorization for user administration.

It may occur that the staff pool from an account, that has been integrated into your account group, allready contains entries.

These entries are, after the integration into the account group, placed in a sub-staff pool.

If you need these entries for reporting or application creation, you can transfer sub-staff pools to the main staff pool of your account group.

Where can I find the sub-staff pool?

Sub-staff pools are located in the staff pool, if available. On the right side (about the same level as the Import button) is a button with the name of your organization. If you click on the button, it will expand. The buttons that become visible when you expand represent in each case a sub-staff pool. By clicking on the respective button you will open the corresponding sub-staff pool.

Procedure: Transfer sub-staff pool to central staff pool

  1. Open the respective sub-staff pool
  2. Click the Transfer to Account group button (next to the Import button)

The sub-staff pool is now consolidated with the staff pool of your Account group.

Note: Only employees whose names do not exactly match can be transferred to the staff pool of the Account group.

Procedure: Transfer employees to your central staff pool in case of congruence of names

  1. Open the sub-staff pool in which the respective employee is listed
  2. Change the name of the employee slightly (e.g. with underscore)
  3. Integrate the employee into the central staff pool using the button Transfer to Account group
  4. Switch to your central staff pool
  5. Open the entry of the employee, correct the name and save
  6. Click on the more recent entry of the two identical employee entries and use the button Merge entries with current entry at the very bottom of the employee detail view