eCall Tutorial

Integrating Accounts

Direct user assignment with FFG no. in background
Assigning already existing accounts to the account group is easily done.

There are two possibilities to integrate an already existing account into the account group:
  • The direct assignment
  • Create users and invite them via eMail

Direct assignment of already existing accounts

If the FFG company number of an account is identical to that of the account group, the account to be assigned automatically appears as an option in the form Assign another user account (Organisation / User Management).


  1. Click on the button Assign another user account under Organisation / User Management.
  2. Click on the button with name and loginname of the respective account
  3. Entry of the surname and first name in the form (as with user creation)
  4. Allocate permissions
  5. Save

Note: The user of the integrated account automatically has the project-specific permission Project Management on all projects that she or he brings into the account group.

Info: For direct assignment the FFG company number is required. This number is stored in the background in eCall and is not visible to the user. An FFG company number is usually assigned to an account if at least one application has been submitted.

Creating users and inviting them via e-mail

Assigning existing accounts without a stored FFG company number to the account group is similar to the process of creating a new user:

  1. Create a new user account
  2. Send an email to join the account group to the owner of the existing account
  3. The owner of the existing account must click on the link in the email and log in with the existing login data
  4. After login, the owner of the existing account must agree to the assignment