eCall Tutorial

Receiving mails for incoming eCall messages

Standard project access

The account group can also control who is notified by e-mail when a new eCall message arrives.

The permission to receive mail notifications for incoming eCall messages can be assigned both globally and project-specific.

Global permission assignment for mail notifications:

Receive emails about all messages from all projects is an option in the User Management directly at the user (in the account permissions detail view).
A user equipped with this permission will receive a mail notification for each incoming eCall message in the Account group.

Project-specific permission assignment for mail notifications:

When assigning project-specific permissions, you have the possibility to select or deselect the option Receive eCall messages emails for each permission role.

  • To do so, select the button Define standard in the column Setting for new assignment and activate the checkbox Receive eCall messages emails for the desired authorization role.
  • Then apply the setting to the desired users or projects, depending on where you assign the project-specific permissions.

If project-specific permissions, including mail reception, have already been assigned, you can change them at any time using the Adjust button.

Note: The exact procedure for the project-specific assignment of permissions, depending on the use case, can be found in the chapter Project-specific permissions.