eCall Tutorial

Granting permissions via User Management

Note: For this type of authorization assignment you need the permission to manage users.


  1. Open the User Management in the tab Organisation.
  2. Open the user account's detail view (by clicking on the name of the user). The option for assigning project-specific permissions is located at the end of the form.
  3. Click Search to get a list of all projects or enter filter criteria in one of the two fields. A series of application numbers can be entered separated by commas.
  4. Define the desired project-specific role in the column Setting for new assignment.
    Use the Set standard button to select the appropriate authorization and choose whether notifications for eCall messages should be received.
  5. Click on the icon button of the respective project to set the project-specific permission.
  6. Save and close the form.


  • With Copy from other user you can adopt the set of project-specific permissions from another user.
  • Permissions that have already been set can be subsequently changed or withdrawn using the Adjust button.
Project-specific permission assignment in the User Management