eCall Tutorial

Granting permissions in the project

Note: To be able to assign authorizations directly in the project, you must at least be equipped with the project authorization role Project Manager.


  1. Open the Permissions form in the respective project.
  2. Click Search to obtain a list of all accounts in your Account group or enter a filter criterion.
    The search is performed by default with wildcards (%) at both ends. If wildcards are used explicitly, the character string at the other end must match exactly.
  3. Define the desired project-specific role in the column Setting for new assignment.
    Use the Set standard button to select the appropriate authorization and choose whether notifications for eCall messages should be received.
  4. Then click the Icon button of the desired account to apply the permission to the selected user.
  5. Save or exit the form.


  • With Copy permissions from another project, the user assignments can be adopted from another project.
  • Permissions that have already been set can be subsequently changed or withdrawn using the Adjust button.
Project-specific permission assignment in the project