eCall Tutorial

Granting permissions in the Projects tab

Note: For this type of authorization assignment you need the global permission to manage users. If you do not have this permission, you will not be able to see the checkboxes for the selection nor the Permissions button.


  1. Open the Projects tab (main navigation, horizontal).
  2. Select the desired projects using the checkboxes on the left side.
    As soon as a project has been selected, the button Permissions appears.
  3. Click the Permissions button.
  4. Click Search to obtain a list of all accounts in the Account group or enter a filter criterion.
    Die Suche erfolgt standardmäßig mit Wildcards (%) an beiden Enden. Wenn explizit Wildcards verwendet werden, muss die Zeichenkette am anderen Ende exakt matchen.
  5. Define the desired project-specific role in the column Setting for new assignment. Use the Set standard button to select the appropriate authorization and choose whether notifications for eCall messages should be received.
  6. Then click the Icon button of the desired account to apply the permission to the selected user.
  7. Save your alterations.


  • With Copy permissions from another project the user assignments can be adopted from another project.
  • The Users buttons next to the selected projects show the respective current user assignments and offer the possibility to adopt them immediately.
Project-specific permission assignment in the projects tab