eCall Tutorial

Advanced rights

Standard access rights

If you choose Advanced rights... more options for the assignment of permissions are displayed. With Advanced rights, you can define the permissions of users globally in a very high level of detail.

Manage users and grant permissions to projects:

  • Yes: The user has access to all projects in the Account group, can define permissions and create users. Therefore, several options (e.g. Create new projects) are not displayed if this option has already been selected.
  • No: Further options for assigning permissions are displayed.

Access to personal accounting data:

  • Yes: The user has access to all actual hourly rates.
  • No: The user can read and edit the average hourly rates in the application phase, but not the actual hourly rates during a report.

Create new projects:

  • Yes: The user is allowed to create new project proposals or partner applications. In the requests created by the user, the regarding user is authorized as project manager (project-specific permission).
  • No: The user can neither create new projects nor accept partner invitations.

Scope of project access:

  • Only specific projects: Access rights must be set project-specific.
  • All projects: The authorization level applies globally to all projects in the Account group.
    The option to assign a default project permission appears. Exceptions can be set project-specific.

Default project permission:

  • Read projects
  • Project Assistant (edit projects)
  • Project Manager (edit projects, assign project-specific permissions, submit applications)

For a detailed description of the authorization roles, see Project Authorization Roles.

Note: It is also possible to assign the authorization roles project-specific.

Advanced rights options