eCall Tutorial

Create user accounts

Note: To create new users, you need the permission Manage users and edit all projects.

How to create new users:

  1. Open the User Management in the tab Organisation.
  2. Click the button Assign another user account.
    The account permission detail view opens.
  3. Assign the name of the user.
  4. Click on the Save and continue button.
  5. After the entry has been saved at least once
    • the options for the invitation e-mail appear
    • all options for the assignment of authorizations are available
  6. Assign the permissions as required.
  7. Send the person for whom the account was created an email to join the account group.

Procedure for new users:
  • After the new user has received the invitation e-mail, she/he only has to follow the link contained in the e-mail.
  • The link leads to the eCall starting page. The user must now register.
  • After successful registration/login, the user will be asked immediately for his/her agreement to be assigned to the account group.

Note: If the new user already has a stand-alone account for your organization, she/he can also log in with this account. The existing account and all projects will be assigned to the account group.
Creating user accounts