eCall Tutorial

Apply for an Account group

Note: To apply for an Account group you need an already existing account with completed master data.

  • Download the template for application under Organisation / User Management.
  • After the template has been filled, signed by the company and stored as PDF file use the Browse button to upload the file and finalize it by using the Send application button.

After a short processing time on behalf the FFG, your Account group will be activated.
In addition, you will be notified by e-mail.

This account with which you applied for the account group has the permission Manage users and edit all projects.

The master data of the account with which you applied for the account group will be valid for all users within your Account group.

Tip: If there are several accounts to choose from as testators for your organisation's account group, it is advisable to apply for the account group with the account on which most things happened.

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