eCall Tutorial

Account group

The account group is a multi-user login system with its own user administration.

To activate it, the user must apply to FFG in advance.

The account group offers following features:

  • Overview of all accounts of an organisation
  • Create and allocate accounts for your own organization
  • Detailed model for permission assignment
  • Already existing accounts can be integrated into the account network
  • Several users can be logged in and working on eCall at the same time (e.g.: person A maintains the hourly rates of the employees, while person B creates a new project)

There are some things to consider for an account group:

  • It is not possible to map hierarchical organizational structures (parent company - subsidiary or similar)
  • The master data of the account the Account group was requested with is valid for all other accounts in the group.
  • There can only be one account group per organization
  • Mixed authentication is not possible.
    It is to be decided whether the registration for all members of the account group should be done via USP (Unternehmensserviceportal) or via eCall. This concerns only organisations from Austria.
Organisation/User Management