eCall Tutorial


In the Attachments tab you can manage figures and tables and store them in the text.

The following file formats are allowed: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

Attention: You cannot copy and paste figures and tables into text fields!

Note: When uploading, you can select multiple files to upload them in one operation. Uploading files is even faster if you drag and drop the selected files to the Add New Illustration button.

For positioning in the text, drag and drop the image at the grab point from the image preview to the desired position.

In the text editor, you will see an anchorage at the relevant position (example: {Illustration. 1.1.2}). By moving the anchor in the text you can change the position of the figure. Image attachments without anchoring in the text can be found at the end of the text section.

With the help of the button Preview you can view the whole text including the pictures at any time.

You can delete the content of the attachments by clicking on the X icon (Remove attachment). The container for the attachment remains and can be refilled. When you click on Save and close, eCall will remove all empty containers.
However, the anchorage in the text fields assigned to the attachment remains in place after this deletion. You have to delete it manually together with the curved brackets { }.

If there are more than two attachments of one category (Illustration or table), you can click the Sort by use in text button. In this way the eCall will correct any inconsistencies in numbering that may have arisen when adding attachments.

Abbildung via Drag&Drop in den Text einfügen