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Online General Terms and Conditions (Online GTC) valid from 2021-03-28

The collective term “User” as used in these General Terms and Conditions (“Online GTC”) is taken to include all funding applicants, funding recipients and tenderers (individuals and consortia) and other persons using the Web portal.

1. General Information

1.1 The Web portal for online submission (“eCall”) is run by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH, “FFG”), Sensengasse 1, 1090 Vienna.

1.2 eCall provides information and services on funding/financing programmes of the federal government, the provincial governments, the European Union and other institutions as well as on research and development services.

1.3 These Online GTC are valid for all services offered by the FFG via eCall, in particular with regard to the provision of services, consultations and services in connection with the processing of funding applications and tenders unless otherwise stipulated in the individual application conditions.

1.4 Access to the eCall functionalities is conditional on the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions (Online GTC) as amended from time to time.

1.5 Acceptance of the Online GTC shall be deemed to create a contract between the User and the FFG with respect to the use of eCall.

2. Registration and access management

2.1 Use of the portal requires either registration as a User via or registration via an existing Business Service Portal (USP) account.

2.2 Users may authorise specific other persons or institutions to inspect / participate in / submit a joint application for a project. This means that several persons and institutions may cooperate in one project. It is also possible to establish an account group.

2.3 All authorised persons of an account group are shown in a list on the portal. These persons may edit the funding application, reports etc. and inspect the relevant documents throughout the funding period according to the permissions granted. The same applies to research and development services and associated documents.

2.4 It shall be the sole responsibility of the individual User to perform only those acts in eCall for which they have been authorised by the legal entity they represent. Evidence of this representative authority must be provided to the FFG at any time on demand.

2.5 It shall be the sole responsibility of the User to decide whom they authorise to cooperate in a project and it shall be the sole responsibility of the authorised person to perform only those acts in eCall for which they have been authorised by the legal entity they represent. The FFG will not verify the substance of the access rights granted.

2.6 More detailed information about user administration and the management of permissions can be found at

3. Obligations of Users

3.1 Users shall be obliged

  • to use eCall exclusively in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions;
  • to ensure safe storage and careful handling ("duty of due care") of access data. This shall include but not be limited to keeping the access data (username and password) confidential and not disclosing them to unauthorised third parties
  • to refrain from any actions that may compromise the reliability, integrity or availability of eCall or FFG's IT infrastructure in general;
  • to keep their data up-to-date and correct.

3.2 Users shall immediately notify the FFG of any unauthorised use of the login data or any other potential security breach.

4. Submission and communication

4.1 Users acknowledge that applications must be submitted online if required by the programme documents or other documents related to the services tendered. The full online funding application or online tender prepared in accordance with the relevant guidelines, directives and programme documents (where available) must be received by the specified deadline (CET) to be valid. This is the basic precondition for successful submission. Applications and documents submitted electronically shall only be deemed to have been submitted on time if the files uploaded via eCall are not corrupted and, in particular, do not contain malware.

4.2 Users acknowledge that eCall is the primary communication tool between the Users and the FFG concerning all applications, reports and other services offered via eCall.

4.3 Irrespective of whether funding applications/tenders are submitted on behalf of joint ownerships or partnerships, natural persons or legal entities, the application may only be submitted by the User themselves or by duly authorised persons. Evidence of this representative authority must be provided to the FFG at any time on demand. If sufficient representative authority cannot be proven at the time of application, the FFG reserves the right to reject the relevant funding application or tender for formal reasons.

5. Conclusion of funding contracts in eCall via electronic signature

5.1 The Users acknowledge that the option to sign a funding contract electronically in eCall is only available for selected services.

5.2 It shall be the sole responsibility of the User to ensure that the electronic signature can only be used by sufficiently authorised persons. Evidence of the relevant representative authority must be provided to the FFG at any time on demand. If sufficient representative authority cannot be proven, the FFG reserves the right to declare the contract null and void and reclaim any funding that has been granted unlawfully, if applicable.

5.3 If the electronic signature of the funding contract is done by sending a temporary eCall access (email including link) to the authorised signatory, the User must ensure that the temporary eCall access is sent exclusively to the relevant authorised person.

6. Availability and blocking access

6.1 The eCall service is available for Users 24 hours a day, with the exception of necessary maintenance and back-up times and to the extent permitted by the capacity, traffic situation or operational state of the national or international telecommunication facilities and networks used for website access or service management.

6.2 The FFG reserves the right to temporarily or permanently prevent the use of eCall without giving reasons.

6.3 In its capacity as system provider, the FFG reserves the right to block users from access to the eCall service without giving reasons if a User

  • is suspected of misuse of access rights.
  • has provided incorrect information in the course of the registration process,
  • has violated the General Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time,
  • has breached the duty of due care concerning the handling of login details
  • has violated applicable law concerning access to or use of the eCall service.

7. Consent pursuant to the Austrian Telecommunications Act (TKG)

7.1 The User agrees to receive emails from the FFG at each email address made known to the FFG for the purpose of processing projects and services, as well as for advertising purposes and surveys.

7.2 Users are expressly informed that they may at any time (including when registering for the eCall service) object to receiving emails for advertising purposes by sending an email with the subject header NOMAIL to

8. Data protection

8.1 The Users can access all applicable data protection provisions abrufen.

8.2 The FFG reserves the right to remove application forms that have not been submitted within the specified deadline from the system after six months.

9. Liability

9.1 Use of eCall, the services offered by the FFG and the transfer of data of whatever type, and the application for funding/financing shall be at the Users' own risk.

9.2 The FFG shall assume no liability for the transfer of data by the Users.

9.3 Users are liable for the accuracy of the information provided by them in eCall.

9.4 The FFG shall not accept any liability whatsoever for the accuracy of information provided by Users or the sufficient representative authority of persons submitting an application for a legal entity. The FFG shall also not be liable for any damages resulting from submissions, irrespective of whether the submission was made by duly authorised persons or not.

9.5 The FFG shall not be liable for the presence or absence of sufficient representative authority concerning the use of the electronic signature in eCall by the Users and any damage caused to them as a result.

9.6 The FFG shall not be liable for any damages or disadvantages caused to the Users as a result of their sending the temporary eCall access to unauthorised third parties.

9.7 The FFG assumes no liability whatsoever for the content found on the portal, or for any disadvantages caused as a result of downloading data from it. The Users are aware that according to the current state of technology there is no absolute security and no guarantee of full functionality.

9.8 The temporary non-availability of services or the loss of stored data shall not be a ground for liability on the part of the FFG.

9.9 The FFG shall not be liable for damage caused by slight negligence. The FFG’s liability for damage caused wilfully or by gross negligence shall be limited to max. EUR 5,000.00 per claim and User, total liability for damage caused wilfully or by gross negligence shall be limited to a maximum of EUR 200,000.00 per damaging event. If the total damage exceeds the maximum limit, the individual claims for compensation by the individual claimants shall be reduced proportionately.

10. Payment

10.1 Use of the eCall service is free of charge.

11. Transfer of user accounts

11.1 User accounts may be transferred to third parties or the Users' legal successors in the event of legal directives or in the event of universal succession.

11.2 Accounts may only be transferred if documentary evidence of the legal directive or universal succession can be provided to the FFG.

12. Final provisions

12.1 The FFG reserves the right to modify or amend these Online GTC. Any amendments/ modifications of these Online GTC shall become effective four weeks after notification by email or four weeks after announcement on the home page of the web portal.

12.2 Should a provision of the Online GTC be or become invalid, the legal validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid provision shall be deemed to be replaced by a valid provision that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose intended by the parties.

12.3 The Online GTC shall be governed by Austrian law.

12.4 All disputes arising from or in connection with the Online GTC shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts competent for the FFG's domicile in 1090 Vienna, provided that such a choice of forum clause is permitted.