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Online General Terms and Conditions (Online GTCs)

The term “User” is understood as a general term for grant recipients, financing recipients and contractors. At a later stage in the General Terms of Use (Online GTUs) the general term “User” is used.

1. General Information

The Web portal of the FFG for online submission (hereinafter referred to as “eCall”) provides information and services on grant programs of the Federal Republic of Austria and of the European Union. 
An online submission is only possible if such a submission is planned. Online grant/ financing applications or online offers are to be completely filled out and submitted on time using the respective directives, guidelines and the program documents (where available). This is the basic precondition for successful submission. The submission of a copy of the submitted grant application signed by the company is not necessary.

These online GTCs are valid for all services of the FFG offered in the eCall, in particular with regard to the provision of services, consultations and services in connection with the processing of grant applications unless otherwise stipulated in the individual application conditions.

The FFG reserves the right to modify or amend these online GTCs. Corresponding amendments/ modifications of these online GTCs become valid four weeks after being sent by email or four weeks after first notification on the home page of the web portal.

Utilisation of the eCall of the services offered by FFG, the transfer of data irrespective of what type and the application of grant shall be performed for the User at his/her own risk and own transfer risk. The FFG shall assume no liability for the transfer of data by the Users.

2. Use of the Website

The FFG reserves the right to temporarily or permanently prevent the use of the eCall without providing reasons. The FFG assumes no liability for the content found on the portal, or for any claims arising as a result of downloading data. The Users are aware that according to the current state of technology there is no absolute security and no guarantee of full functionality.

The eCall is available for Users 24 hours per day with the exception of necessary maintenance and back-up times and to the extent that the capacity, traffic situation or operational state of the telecommunication facilities and networks utilized for accessing the website or for processing services permit.

3. Liability

Users are liable fort he correctness of information provided by them in eCall. Irrespective of whether grant/ financing applications or offers submitted on behalf of common ownerships or unincorporated business, natural and legal entities, the application may only be submitted by the User himself or by persons with sufficient representation authorisation. This proof of authorisation of representation is always to be provided to the FFG upon request. If sufficient authorisation of representation cannot be proven at the time of application, the FFG reserves the right to deny affected grant/financing applications or bids for formal reasons. The FFG shall in no way be liable for the correctness of information provided by the Users or the presence of sufficient authorisation of representation of the applicant, for a legal entity. In addition the FFG shall also not be liable for any damages resulting from submissions, irrespective of whether the submission was performed by persons sufficiently authorised to represent the applicant or not.

The temporary non-availability of services or the loss of stored data does not represent a reason for liability of FFG. The FFG is in particular not liable for the content, completeness or correctness of transferred data.

The FFG is not liable for damages caused by slightly negligent conduct. The FFG is liable for gross negligence or wilful conduct only to an amount of max. € 5,000.00 for each claim case and user, the liability for gross negligence and intent per event of damage is limited to a maximum of € 200,000.00. If the total damage surpasses the maximum limit, the claims for compensation shall be reduced proportionately to the individual claimants

4. Declaration of consent pursuant to § 107 TKG (Austrian Telecommunications Act)

The User declares his consent to receiving emails for the purpose of processing projects and for works services, however also for advertising purposes by the FFG to each email address made known to FFG.  The Users are expressly informed that they may object –already when registering for eCall- to the sending of emails for advertising purposes in writing, by email with the subject header NOMAIL to

5. Data protection

The Users declare their consent to their data being stored by FFG. The FFG will treat these data and where applicable the grant guidelines/program documents as confidential according to the regulations of the data protection act.

The Users declare their consent that the disclosed data will where applicable be also forwarded to the audit court, to EU bodies, to other federal funding sites, as well as to the Ministries as owners of the FFG.

If Users transfer personal data to the FFG, they shall be responsible for the content pursuant to the data protection act.
For tenders with a submission deadline the following applies: Application forms that have not been submitted shall be deleted from the system after six months.

Online General Terms and Conditions of the FFG as of August 2014

From 2021-03-28 new general terms and conditions apply